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We don’t just provide care tips about leather jackets, cleaning and repairs, we provide the world only Jacket Spa© and the best services around today and we guarantee it !!

We have been cleaning leather jackets for over 30 years, Leather Jacket Spa© Restoration is the oldest established company in the UK, that spans a generation.

We guarantee we will only ever use the finest products in the world on all types of leather jackets, how can we give such a rock solid guarantee as this, because we made the products, we know they are that good, because large high street stores stock them.

We don’t just help you to keep your leather garments in the best shape possible, we believe we provide the finest customers service around today.

Some tips for keeping your leather garments in great shape.

  1. Keep your garment on a well padded hanger to ensure it retains its shape over the shoulders.
  2. Always keep all zips in the closed position
  3. Always keep all pockets with buttons and popper done up
  4. Take all heavy items out of pockets to avoid stretching your garments lining.

Jacket Spa Leather Jacket Cleaning       Jacket Spa Leather Jackets Cleaning


Never place your garment on a radiator or too close to direct heat if it becomes wet!!

The very first stage we carry out when we are cleaning leather jackets is to examine all joins and stitch lines, But the most important part is to identify the type of leather you have.

We use powerful microscopes to examine your leather and to identify it, all garments are then Ph tested to ensure that the correct products are going to be used on your garment.

At every stage we check your garment for measure the skins thickness’s and the coloured coating thickness’s to ensure we always have a stable secure working foundation with your garment.

The services we offer and provide are complex even our in house professors had to develop them to ensure all leading technicians could understand them and follow them to perfection.

Leather Jacket Spa© Restoration don’t just rub a solution over your jacket, we inspect every single millimeter of your jacket as we are cleaning it, to make sure every millimeter of your grain has had the dirt, grime and grease lifted from it carefully, to ensure it retrains its beautiful looks and feel.

Leather Jacket Spa© Restorations aim is to ensure we have the most advanced cleaning services in the world providing you with the best after care possible ever.