Leather Jacket Repairs

Leather Jacket Repairs

leather jacket repairs can be something simple like a small amount of colour loss, or a tear, this can be a major restoration project also, items can be purchased on the internet to restore and recolour leather jacket.

We handle all types of leather jacket repairs, from a simple leather jacket repair like a tear, right through to complete full panel replacments and major colour restorations.

Take a look at the picture below of this motorbike jacket that was 50 years old that we fully restored back to a new condition for this customer. The customer was over the moon with the leather jacket repsirs and restoration we carried out.

leather jacket repairs ¦  jacket before and after

Carrying out repairs is not something that can be handled by every person around, you need an eye for detail and the backing of a professional company, if you are considering carry out any forms of leather jacket repairs then contact these people leather repair company

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