When it comes to wardrobe staples it doesn’t get much cooler than a leather jacket.

Welcome to Leather Jacket Spa© Restoration Service, our leading artisans carry out all types of leather jacket spa© and shoe repairs and re colouring services to all types of leather jackets and shoes at the Leather Jacket Spa©.

Leather Jackets and shoes are an important part of any seasonal wardrobe and caring for them should be done correctly, the Jacket Spa have developed the worlds finest system over the last 40 years.

We believe we offer a service unmatched by any other and have become the premier company in leather jacket care and restoration in the world, due to our extensive testing and identifications we use and this has become a benchmark on quality set within the industry that no other can match.

It all started, born from a dream to offer the finest service in the world some 40 years ago and the company has gone from strength to strength, becoming the premier house for all things jackets.

More importantly we still hold that dream close to our hearts and we live by it every day, we believe in nothing but the finest service and quality possible.

We are experts in alterations, repairs and restoration of all types of leather jackets.

We can deal with many aspects of repair, from a simple popper stud and zip, to a lining and complete full re colouring service or colour change.

We are able to offer full panel replacements where the panel is badly torn beyond economical repair, a colour matching service is provided to gain you an approx. 99% colour match and grain structure matching services.

All products we use are hand crafted in house from the finest ingredients possible to ensure we continue to provide the highest service period.

All technicians offer an unparalleled service with the most extensive knowledge of leather jacket repairs and restoration.

Leather Jacket Restoration

Leather Jacket Restoration Leather jacket restoration, they come in all types of shapes and sizes and over the years of owning a leather jacket all sorts of things can happen to them. Leather jackets can be fully restored back to a brand new condition once again. Below this poictures shows you what is possible with […]

Dear leather jacket spa© restoration

The jacket arrived this morning and I wan’t you to know that I am absolutely delighted with it. You were right to say at the beginning that it would look great, in fact it looks and feels like it was brand new.

You have done a really good job on it and I shall certainly recommend your company to my friends.

Is there anything I can do to ensure that it keeps in peak condition. Perhaps you can advise me.

Thanking you and your team and I hope that you all enjoy a very happy Christmas.

Best wishes,

Susan Green