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Restoration For Leather Jackets

Restoration For Leather Jackets

Being the largest company in the UK and the longest established we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide for restoration for leather jackets.

Each and every jacket is very individual to the customer, even when we have two jackets in that are from the same manufacturer each one is still very different, they are worn differently and the conditions of them are different, so therefore each one has to have bespoke requirements carried out to them.

Some leather jackets suffer badly with UV rays attacking the pigmentation colour and bleaching them fully, this is partly due to poor pigmentation when originally manufactured.

When we carry out a restoration for leather jackets the pigmented coating they are given is up to 15 times stronger than when originally manufactured. This does not mean that your leather jacket will last 15 times longer its just means its a great deal more stable against colour loss and UV rays attacking the colour.

If you wanted to carry out some minor colour touch ups these can be done by buying leather repair kits on line from this on line store

We work very closely with leading leather jacket manufacturers, working as consultants regarding designs, cleaning and care is a very important role for us, one that is valued greatly by the leather jacket manufacturers.