Leather Jacket Restoration

Leather Jacket Restoration

Leather jacket restoration, they come in all types of shapes and sizes and over the years of owning a leather jacket all sorts of things can happen to them.

Leather jackets can be fully restored back to a brand new condition once again.

Below this poictures shows you what is possible with a leather jacket restoration.

leather jacket restoration before and after

This full process involved a starting process of a full deep clean using a premium leather cleaner once all of the cleaning was done we then had to prep the leather using a leather prep.

The purpose of using the leather prep is to remove as much of the old colour as possible in the process making the leatehr jacket nice and soft again ready for the full leather jacket restoration process to take place.

To do this you need a small leather repair kit

This kit is the best kit money can buy for your leather jacket restoration.

Once you have looked at all the different products and read the instructions fully you can start with the first step, mixing the colour, you can get an insite into what colour you want by looking at this site leather colours.

Once you are happy with the colour you have made you can start by dapping the colour onto the jacket, or if teh colour loss is so bad you can wipe this on in a nice even motion to ensure you have a good firm base coating applied.

Once you have the base coating on making sure you dont get to much leather colour on the seam areas as this can blead through onto your lining if you apply too much to the seam areas.

One option to avoid the leather colour coming through and onto your lining is to either take out the lining or at least unpick a seam within the lining so that you can get into the jacket to tape over all seam joints, this way the leather colour will not come through the jacket onto yuor lining. As the last thing you want is to restore your jacket fully only to find that the lining has had colour bleading though onto it menaing you now have to replace the lining.

If you have any tears in your jacket you will need to repair these prior to any colour process is carried our, we have included below a video of how to repair a tear in a leather jacket.

Once all tears are fixed then you can follow the standard colour process above.

The final coats of colour should be applied by dabbing the colour on, the reason for doing this is it gives you a nice finish that resembles a grain structure, as you dont want a fully smooth leather jacket, we suggest that three coats are applied to give a nice natural even finish to your leather item.

Once all the colour is on, you can then if you wish apply a sealing cost of clear finish lacquer. Most leather jackets are finished in a satin style, to gain this type of sheen you will need to mix together the gloss and matt finish together to gain the satin sheen levels.

You can then apply two or three coats of clear lacuer to seal the new colour in, giving you many years of service ahead with a new look jacket again.

Below is another picture of a restored leather jacket that was 50 years of that we restored the colour on.

leather jacket repair ¦  jacket before and after

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