Levels Of Cover

Jacket Spa Levels Of Cover we have to offer for your Leather Jacket


What level of cover do you require?

1/ Entry Level: One (1) item per year – This covers you for general cleaning of your leather jacket up to four times per year, but does not cover you for stains £2.95 per month.

2/ Starter Level: Three (3) items per year – This covers your leather jackets to be cleaned and stains removed for up to three times per month £5.95.

3/ Executive Level: Five (5) items per year, this cover provides cleaning your items four times per year and up to four stains per year £8.95 per month.

4/ The Diamond Cover: Fifteen (15) items per year This is the ultimate of covers, this level of cover, also covers minor colour touch ups on your leather jackets, but only small areas, including tears and rips, but only small tears and rips no bigger than 2 inches, this is to repair tears only not to replace a panel, removal of up to 6 stains per year, and up to 15 items cleaned per year £20 per month.

To give you some ideas of our charges so you can tell how cost effective the above plans are, cleaning items range from £35 to £75, stains removal ranges from £50 to £150, colour touch ups range from £65 to £185

So as you can imagine it’s truly an outstanding package on offer.