Leather Jackets Can Be Repaired

Back To As Good As New…. From As Little As £10

We can repair and restore your leather jackets and leather coats back to its original glory once again

Leather Jacket Restoration Videos Are a great way of showing you just a small selection of what can be carried out for you.

  • Guaranteed Service
  • Prices From As Low As £10
  • Full Stain Removal
  • Protection Against Stains
  • Tears & Rips Repaired To Almost Invisible Conditions
  • Training Courses To Start Your Own Business

The Leather Jacket Restoration Company are the only company in the world to offer a dedicated service so extensive for leather jacket restoration and repairs.

Here are some pictures to show you what sort of things can be done to leather jackets & leather garments.

Front Before Restoratation

Front After Restoratation

Back Before Restoratation

Back After Restoratation

We have listed below a few videos for you to view showing the different type’s of repairs and restorations that can be carried out for you on leather jackets.



The below restoration video shows you what can be done with motorbike jackets and how you can touch up silver colours on leather motorcycle jackets quickly. If you wish to purchase one of these, this can be done by visiting the store 

Leather Repair pens for Leather Jacket restoration touch ups.

Below are three more restoration videos this is part one of the leather jacket restoration videos

This is part two of the leather jacket restoration videos

Below is part three of the restoration videos for leather jackets, this same process in these three videos can be carried out to all type’s of leather clothing,  leather coats and leather garments.