Jacket Spa© Is The Worlds Leading Only Spa For Jackets, A Unique Service Developed In House.

Our artisans carry out all types of leather jacket repairs and re colouring services to all types of leather jackets.

Jacket Spa© is one of the most unique services in the world, with clients from almost every country around the globe.

Jacket Linings:

Perhaps your lining is all torn and wants replacing we can do this for you. We can offer a full bespoke service for linings and can use your own materials if you wish.

Rips, tears and scuffs:

From a tiny cut, to a larger tear, snagged on a fence or just given way with age, we can bring them back to life so that a tear looks like a natural scar in the leather.

Full re colours:

This depends on the style of the leather jacket and how much leather is involved to be restored.

We also carry out panel replacements on leather jackets, no matter what your leather jacket repair,  we can handle this for you, here at the Jacket Spa©

Zips Replaced:

Has your leather jacket zip given way and you require a new zip in your leather jacket ? the Jacket Spa© can help you.

Colour Change Service:

We are also able to offer a colour change service for your leather jackets, if you have an old leather jacket that is in a colour you no longer like we can help you by changing the colour to something more modern for you.


Is that favourite leather jacket now a tight fit ? don’t worry we can help as we offer a full tailoring service to adjust jackets, fur jackets, leather jackets, faux jackets fabric jackets. We are so confident with our services we offer a full guarantee on all our work we offer on adjustments.

We are very proud of our services, when we sew up leather clothing we don’t just use any old thread, we hold in stock thousands of different cottons, this ensures we use the closest thread possible to the original, including colour and thread thicknesses

If you want to see some more colour options please take a look at leather colours .

Our skilled artisans repair dozens of leather jackets every week, we are the original and leading leather jacket and shoe repair company in the world, not just working for the consumer but famous fashion brands around the globe.

Getting a quote for your jacket is as easy as 1,2,3 Email us detailed pictures,  mail your item to us, we handle everything there after.

For more details contact us for leather jacket repairs on 01482 606864

or email us for your leather jacket repair quotes help@jacketspa.com